There are finance service providers in Montreal that offer loans to customers with less than perfect and poor credit. In fact, some providers advertise the fact that all borrowers are approved, regardless of their financial and credit situation. Brokerages feature online application and approval, quick access to cash, and flexible solutions. Some payday lenders offer loans to customers in Montreal while others serve clients across Canada:


Features and rates vary from one payday lender to another, but the rates and charges are generally higher compared to traditional establishments. Loan amounts are lower for first-time borrowers and vary from $100 to $1,500 or higher. The amount offered depends on the information included in the application (income, type of employment, housing status, etc.) The money can be used to pay utility or other bills, cover necessities and urgent expenses, pay outstanding balances, and so on. In most cases, loan applications take a couple of minutes to fill in and get approved instantly. Once approved, customers repay the loan amount at or before the term which can be from 2 weeks to several months. Charges usually apply to returned payments. Loans are not renewed automatically. Reputable lenders don’t charge any upfront fees and help customers to reestablish credit provided that they make on-time payments. The payments are reported to major bureaus such as Transunion and Equifax:

Application Criteria and Details Required

The good news for borrowers in Montreal is that many payday and bad credit lenders run no credit check. This means that customers with an active bank account and proof of steady income qualify, regardless of whether they have been turned down by traditional financial institutions. Depending on the lender, the applicant may be asked to provide personal and financial information such as home address, contact number, age, sex, name, employment status, and others. There is an option to sign the payday loan agreement electronically. To get approved, lenders require that applicants are of legal age (18 years or older) and Canadian citizens or residents with a legal source of income. With some providers in Montreal, borrowers are asked about their banking information, including type of account (checking or savings), time at bank, bank account and branch or transit number, institution number, and bank name. Some finance providers request detailed information such as monthly net income, time employed, job title, employer address and city, employer name, and source of income. In addition, there are payday and bad credit lenders that request personal information such as SIN, whether the applicant rents or owns, length at address, and loan amount required. Some companies also ask borrowers whether they finance or lease a car and whether they have other outstanding balances: Customers are also asked about their monthly rent in some cases. Finally, there are brokers in Montreal that request information such as ID expiry date and type, SSN status, and marital status.

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